All of our covers are handmade after purchase, please allow 10 -12 days for your order to be made and shipped.  

Priority mail used for all US purchases- international purchase may be shipped using priority or standard first-class postage. That being said first class international postage takes a while... a long while.. so if you want to upgrade to priority shipping we would be happy to bill you the extra. Also, priority mail confirmation only works to the end of our borders, so if your item is in customs, we don't have any additional information than you might be able to find.

If you want the ability to track your purchase you MUST use Paypal as a form of payment- you can then automatically track your package through Paypal. If you do NOT use Paypal we will not have a tracking number saved that we can just send to you.

We cannot be responsible if your current address on Paypal is inaccurate and an item is delivered to a wrong address- please be sure to check that information at checkout.

Refunds and Exchanges

We do not accept returns for items- ESPECIALLY anything embroidered or custom ordered . We will fix any canopy fitting issues if necessary. These items are custom made/hand made. We apologize for any inconvenience- if you want to have the ability to return, please purchase the item at a department or name brand store where items are more mass produced. If ever there is a return please note we will not refund shipping costs if an item has been shipped out to you.

Also, please understand we have it noted in ALL listings that items appear baggier on infant seats as these move from infant to toddler. We apologize, but we will not refund an the cover because of "bagginess" whether it is an infant or toddler seat. These covers are universal in nature (except for the canopies and on some instances of specialty seat brands)- so sometimes you will see a strap adjustment slot, or one extra set of strap holes. 

Is this a replacement cover?

NO these are just slipcovers- there is no padding... covers are serged (overlocked) underneath to prevent fraying and tears but there is no lining on the back... some fabrics are thinner than others. The canopy on infant covers IS a replacement piece. These are lined and serged (overlocked).

Can you make an all cotton cover?

No- these covers are slipcovers- the minky and cotton provide for a very lightweight seat cover.

I don't want to wait for my order- so can you refund me?

We will not refund an order that has been placed and is waiting to be made, if you cannot wait for the order please do not order the item- thanks!

Please note all of my patterns are copy write protected- please do not purchase one to copy and remake/resell.

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